The ‘Power Take Off’ report offered by 800-4GPS allows dispatchers to identify each time the flatbed on one of our trucks is engaged to do a job. We can then compare this information against actually dispatched jobs to sift out any "PJs"

Martin Soo-Hong, Director, Soo-Hong Wrecking Limited

Mitra, Diego Martin

"Since installing GPS, I can go on vacation and never have to worry about my car being stolen. The device sends alerts to me and to 800-4GPS’s 24hr monitoring centre and I can track my car in real time on the Mobile App."

"By monitoring our fleet we have been able to track and address speeding drivers. We have since experienced a considerable reduction in maintenance cost associated with speeding and reckless driving."

George Charles, Director, Terminix Limited

Noble, El Socorro

"I have installed a tracking system so that if I get high-jacked, my car can be found before thieves have time to vandalize it. Now, I don’t have to worry about losing thousands of dollars over a stolen or vandalized car."

"Pro Blade Limited has finally eliminated the nagging problem of employees using company vehicles for personal errands on company time."

Darryl Monsegue, Director, ProBlade Limited

Joel, Santa Cruz

"With features like ‘Remote Shut Off’, the tracking device installed by 800-4GPS has given me and my family a revitalized sense of security in these troubled times."