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Resellers / Value Added Resellers (VARs)

At RF, we realize the exceptional value that our resellers bring us. Our reseller programme is geared towards individuals or companies that are interested in reselling our products or services to their clients. You may also choose to provide value-added services to your clients like installation and after-sales support. RF offers a comprehensive Reseller Program that you can register to be part of today.

Benefits of becoming an RF Reseller

  • • Attractive Pricing Model – Receive attractive Reseller/VAR pricing based on the type of business opportunity and programme you enrol into.
  • • Expand your portfolio of products and services and grow your business
  • • Increase your expertise by receiving product training
  • • Minimal barrier to entry – No need to hold large quantities of stock. Minimal training and associated cost
  • • Exposure – RF boasts in impeccable ten (10) year track record of excellence in client satisfaction. Once accepted into our reseller programme, you brand is displayed on RF’s company website and is strengthened by association with our recognized brand

Who should become an RF Reseller?

Since RF’s target market includes both private and commercial clients, any person or organisation with the right skill set and who has an interest in reselling Motor Assistance Services or Security Technology Solutions will be an appropriate RF Reseller. If you already provide security type products or services, then becoming an RF Reseller can be a great add-on to your existing operation. Typically, as a RF Reseller, you will belong to one of the categories below.

  • • Security Company
  • • GPS/Car Alarm Technician
  • • Building Alarm Technician
  • • CCTV Technician
  • • Car Dealership

Our Featured Resellers / Value Added Resellers

AutoBarn Accessories has extensive experience in GPS installation and trouble shooting, inclusive of private and commercial vehicles. AutoBarn also boasts Manufacturer certified GPS technicians and has developed a strong reputation for excellent customer service.

Contact Details:

AutoBarn Accessories
Mausica Road, Arima
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