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Referral Programme

At RF, we acknowledge and appreciate that our clients have propelled us and allow us to maintain our position as leaders Motor Assistance and Security Technology Solutions. Our referral programme is our way of saying thank to our loyal clients. If you are an existing Subscription Client with RF, you may opt to sign up for our referral programme. You will automatically earn a referral fee for referring leads to RF when these leads convert to paying clients.

Your referral fee will take the form of a credit to your account. You then have the option of either applying the credit to your next invoice or requesting a cheque (provided the credit amount exceeds TT$100).

Benefits of joining the RF Referral Programme

  • • Earn attractive cash/credit rewards
  • • Earn attractive cash/credit rewards
  • • There’s no cost to join (The only pre-requisite is to be an existing Subscription Client with RF)

Who should Join the RF Referral Programme?

All RF clients should take advantage of this unique client loyalty programme.