Innovation in technology has allowed advancement in many different facets of society. By no exception the GPS tracking system has emerged due to this advancement. Its popularity has increased due to society’s growing demand for security and the heightened awareness of its array of uses.


Protection of the elderly is quite important. In this case a tracking device can bring a great degree of peace of mind to their loved ones and caretakers. The tracking device is quite useful in cases of wandering by the elderly and reduces the risk and dangers they may be exposed to. Illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s are the prime causes of this.

Vehicle safety

With the increase in vehicular ownership, there is an exponential increase in car theft and therefore an increase in the need for added protection. The demand for GPS tracking devices have risen due to people’s heightened awareness of their environment related to a vast rise in criminal activity. Devices such as the 800-4GPS tracker provides a range of features that provide security for the owner and their vehicle. Technology now allows convenience through features accessed via mobile app and real time web tracking.

Business -Fleet

Commercial use has risen as businesses seek to implement stricter fleet management policies and practices. The GPS system allows for greater and more efficient use of resources and productivity. Fleet use of the tracking device creates opportunities for an increase in the company’s bottom line, improved management of employee activities and performance measures.

Environment “Go Green”

For the environmentally conscious, a “go green” approach is taken and a GPS tracker helps to facilitate that practice. The use of the GPS device and its features helps save driving time, facilitates the monitoring of fuel consumption with respect to the refuelling of vehicles hence cutting down on fuel emissions and reducing carbon footprint. Also, it decreases red tape encouraging a more paperless work environment.

Clearly great consideration should be given to the GPS tracker as a primary investment due to its diversity in function and application.

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