Global Positioning System has definitely made its mark in our technological world and by no exception has found its rightful place in the fight against crime.

GPS has evolved as a priceless tool to the Police and other Crime Fighting Agencies in assisting with criminal investigations and increasing the chances and rate of solved cases.

Although respect for a person’s privacy is not to be ignored, legislation may allow a suspect to be tracked via GPS in extenuating circumstances to avoid exacerbation of a current situation and increase protection of victims.

Evidence may be collected from these devices to assist especially in high profile criminal court cases for example, homicides. This type of information is pertinent in solving these cases and bringing perpetrators to justice.

GPS tracking may also be used to monitor the movements and whereabouts of criminals on parole to ensure that they stay within certain set parameters and that there is no violation whatsoever. This avoids the need for the constant physical presence of an Officer.

GPS facilitates the ease of accessibility to Police officers. The tracker is placed on vehicles and used by the Police Department to indicate and contact the nearest located Officers to the scene of a crime. This enables for criminal activity to be addressed in a quick and timely manner especially in cases of auto theft. This is a clear reason for the possible merging of forces such as 800-4GPS Limited and the Stolen Vehicle Squad of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

It is quite evident that with the right combination of innovation, collaboration and technology much can be achieved in the attempt to effectively address and curb crime.