GPS (Global Positioning System) devices/trackers depend on and pick up radio signals on earth transmitted from a network of about 30 satellites located in space. Once the GPS device is able to receive signals from 3 or 4 different satellites it then calculates its geographical position on earth.

Today GPS trackers have proven to be versatile and can provide added benefits to any user.

Private -Auto theft

One of the major concerns in recent times is larceny related to motor vehicles. The statistics related to car theft is on the rise especially where certain vehicle types are targeted. Therefore, there is a greater need for protection.

GPS technology has definitely found its place in the prevention of crime. Stolen vehicles can be tracked in real time and the location pinpointed by the owner, making way for a quick recovery.

The availability of GPS tracking via smartphone applications also provide the convenience of vehicular tracking and added security.

Commercial -Fleet management

GPS devices can now be fitted to company vehicles and allow management to track the status of their fleet in real time. They can be used to monitor and record speed, direction, fuel usage, mileage, date and time via extracted detailed reports on demand. This therefore affords companies the added benefits of maximising and improving efficiency, reducing costs, increasing productivity, increasing profitability and tracking employee performance.

One goal of every business is to effectively utilize and maximize its resources via proper management. A GPS device is one way to facilitate that.

No situation is guaranteed but being proactive and taking preventative measures is always a recommendation.

Installation of an 800-4GPS tracking system will definitely provide that additional vehicular safety, affordability, management and peace of mind.